Talking about anything on Redstate is Useless

As of tonight, I’ve come to the conclusion that talking about any serious subject on Redstate is almost completely useless. The blog should completely close down all the comments and user diaries, and should disallow comments entirely except if allowed by the person who creates the post.

It should be a straight-up right-wing opinion journal with no apologies. No more BS, very much like the Weekly Standard.

All the current format serves to do is provide an advance notice of what people on “our side” of the fence are thinking, but what’s even worse is that it’s a troll generator of enormous proportions. The content here has gone from being Republican/Conservative eclectic to Conservative Intelligent to Desparate Conservative Half Donk Op Research + Half Stupid Most of the Time.

It’s not really a conversation anymore: it’s the trolls and the democrat op-researchers posting as regular users versus the front page writers, while the rest of us play clean-up duty and basically rebut them here on our own blog. It’s stupid, folks. It’s too big to be managed in the way you’re trying to do it, and I think actually it is doing more harm than good. I’ve thought this for a long time. Now is the time to do it.

I really want to ask Redstate and Human Events to stop what they’re doing and change the way they’re doing it. Either come in with the Spiked Pipe and make it a serious place for people to comment and cut the crap, or get out of the game. If you want the blog to be read, make it exclusive, start charging money, and make it a community of people who aren’t just here to waste the rest of everyone’s time.

I’ll send $50 tomorrow to Erick Erickson to make sure I have a subscription and the ability to comment. I’ll sell my pet cat to do it. I’m not interested in Redstate being an open forum any longer. You want to contribute? Pay up – right now.

Enough. The new users popping out of the infinte elsewhere and posting as diarists wasting all our time have to stop.

The moron quotient has to be reduced and I think it’s going to require Redstate to have some courage and do what they’ve known they would have to do for all this time. Better to start now than continue along with the morons and the malefactors.

I don’t know what else to tell you. This place is a shell of its former self and it’s not getting better or more intelligent, it’s getting stupider and more troll-infested. Raise the bar or quit. If you won’t do that, at least bring Thomas Crown and Bob Hahn back on a regular basis and have them clean the place up.