Now the Motive Is More Elusive Than Ever

Walking back the statement that information establishing a motive in the Newtown massacre had been found is continuing at warp speed today.  According to the Washington Post this morning, there might not be an official statement of Adam Lanza’s motive until after President Obama takes action on gun control regulations – if such a statement is ever forthcoming.

Here’s the article.

“In the initial hours after the killing spree one week ago, investigators said they had uncovered “good evidence” that would provide clues into what prompted Lanza’s rampage.

But since then, police officials have become more guarded, bracing the public for a lengthy investigation that will stretch well into the new year. The extended investigation means Lanza’s motive may not be known before President Obama’s push for new gun control regulations.”

Actually, the words they were quoted as using were “very good evidence” that would hopefully “paint a complete picture” – as you can read from the sources I link to in my earlier post.
That was the same representative Vance who is now being quoted – almost a full week later – as saying:

“We don’t have any smoking gun to say this is why it occurred, at least not yet,” said J. Paul Vance, a Connecticut State Police spokesman. “We are moving forward and working with our partners, and as you can assume with multiple deaths, we are looking at several months before we really have our arms wrapped around this.” [Emphasis mine]

It’s the same police spokesman, 6 days later. All of the people whose “hunger for information” is “…overwhelming” throughout the State of Connecticut and elsewhere are going to have to continue to go hungry.  And they shouldn’t bother asking! The article quotes state representatives telling the media to leave Newtown because “the story is over.”  At least for “several months” before everyone’s “arms are wrapped around this.”

The NRA’s press conference is scheduled for 45 minutes from now:  10:45 a.m. ET.  The Washington Post has said this morning that any discussion of a motive is officially premature, so let’s see what happens.