Don't Know or Haven't Said??? Or What???

There’s some really important information that was supposed to have existed in the immediate aftermath of the shooting in Newtown that has vanished from everyone’s visibility:  the motive of the criminal established by evidence found at the scene or at his home:

If people recall, in the first 24-48 hours after the massacre, the State Police in Connecticut were quoted by the media as saying that they had recovered “very good evidence” that would paint a “complete picture” about the motive for the shootings.

In recent days, that motive and that evidence – whatever it was or whether or not it ever existed – has apparently vanished:

The Washington Post is now saying:


“While investigators don’t know or haven’t said why Adam Lanza went on a horrific killing spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., a clearer portrait of the family that raised him is emerging through interviews around the country with friends and family and in divorce documents sealing the end of the Lanza’s marriage three years ago.”

Well, which is it?  Is it that they don’t know?  Or is it that they haven’t said?  Or is it that they never had?

Or is it that they have a lot of information they’ve decided is too sensitive and important to share?

It’s an important question in the debate that’s going on right now, and it doesn’t square with the earlier statements attributed to authorities that they had evidence that shed light on the motive:

Here’s the Yahoo news article from Saturday:


“Police on Saturday said evidence recovered at gunman Lanza’s home may provide a motive for the massacre.

State police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance declined to provide specifics about the evidence but said, “we’re hopeful it will paint a complete picture.”

Here’s CBS New York:

Investigators Work Around The Clock To Learn More About Newtown School Shooter Adam Lanza

“Asked at a news conference whether Lanza had left any emails or other writings that might explain the rampage, state police Lt. Paul Vance said investigators had found “very good evidence” and hoped it would answer questions about the gunman’s motives. Vance would not elaborate.”

So we went from people “working around the clock” and having “very good evidence” that would hopefully paint “a complete picture” to basically nobody knowing anything – or not saying anything – about what all of that was about.

All of us are about to embark on a long and grueling process to discern what might be done to prevent shootings of this type in the future, and mysteriously one of the most important pieces of information that might help us – the evidence that was supposedly discovered shedding light on the motive of the gunman – has gone from being “very good evidence” to absolutely unavailable.