Song(s) of the Evening

In keeping with my occasional practice of posting “Songs of the Day” for memorable days and evenings, here are my selections for tonight’s debate.

The songs themselves are more than compelling enough to make up for any lack of verbosity on my part.  My reasons for choosing them are mine and mine alone, and rather than go into a dissertation about why I chose them, I just want to let them speak for themselves.

For your listening pleasure as the sun sets and the knives come out:

The Incumbent – Vice President Joseph Biden of Delaware is represented by George Thorogood and Foghat:

One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer     |     Slow Ride

The Challenger and Our Champion – Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is represented by Weezer and Elvis Presley:

Buddy Holly     |     Hound Dog

Now there are people in the universe who might object to my choices on the basis of their deeper knowledge of music history, they might object to them on the grounds of taste, and there are all kinds of other reasons.  So I invite people to use this thread as their own.  Follow up and place your own Songs of the Evening.  Good ones only, and keep it PG-13.

I thought of including Judas Priest’s Turbo Lover for Biden, but I’m not that big a fan of Rob Halford even though I’m sure … actually I KNOW — that song sounds **GREAT** in a ’78 Trans Am Special Edition at around 130mph on the Garden State Parkway … Don’t ask me how I know.

A bit of a paradox – my third choice for Ryan was a really beautiful song by John Denver.  Again, my reasons and mine alone…but it’s such a gorgeous song.

Regardless of who wins, regardless of who you like more, please listen to good music on your Human Speakers and while you are listening to the debate tonight, turn down the music and remember why you love America so much.