Ok I'm all done being angry at Neil

Sorry, everyone for the kerfuffle.  I was pretty steamed at Neil the other night for summarily de[publishing] my post that (really, truthfully) broke the message that Marco Rubio had endorsed Romney.  I understand why he de[published] it – it was too short, it wasn’t much of a post, and it violated the posting rules as such.  At the same time I was upset because I took a bit of “artistic license” with that post and I *intended* it to be very, very short and then talk more about it in the *comments*.  Also if Neil had just asked me either publicly or privately to expand upon it  a little, he knows I revise my diary entries and I would have absolutely done so.

I was ticked, burned, discombobulated, singed, crisped off, hacked off, pi**ed off and generally not in a good mood that he summarily de[published] me.  I took a day off and I forgive him :).

Now, we really need to get back to talking about the serious things we’ve got ahead of us in this election cycle.  The facts are that now, both Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan have endorsed Romney and I consider his status as the nominee to be a fait accompli.  I also want to say that I like the way Marco Rubio thinks and when I see him on television, I just really think he’s a terrific person and one of the brighest stars we have.  He is potentially a Great Man and I mean that in the  profound sense of the term.  Redstate was *absolultely correct* to have supported him so strongly.  I can tell by watching him and listening to him that he and I would have great conversations based on the way our minds work.  I think that’s why he endorsed Romney, in the end.   I support him 110%.   He’s a great person. 

I was angry at being summarily de[published].  It wasn’t necessary, but I’m over it.  I won’t make the same mistake again and Neil won’t have to de[publish] me again, even though he really shouldn’t have felt he had to in the first place.  Let’s get one thing straight:  whenever I post a diary entry, I’m online – I’m logged into Redstate and also Gmail.  I don’t post from a Blackberry or a mobile device and even if Neil had just given me a warning in the thread that would have almost instantly sufficed to have me flesh it out a little more.  Instead he just [depublished] my post.  OK.  Maybe he was in a “[depublishing] mood.”  I forgive him.

Moreover anyone who knows me understands that when I write something, I usually go back and add several explanatory and/or exculpatory sentences and paragraphs after the fact.  I am bittersweet about Rubio supporting Romney but bittersweet it is.  The Sweet part is that I had a longstanding belief that Romney was eventually going to move the mountains to get the endorsements and the money, and the Bitter part is that none of our other candidates really rose to the level to challenge him effectively.   But it’s OVER.  In my mind at least.  And thank God, because now I can concentrate on some other things Redstaters might actually *agree* on.  Let’s not let Atavism turn into Onanism and mentally masturbate our way to defeat, here. 

Let’s move forward from here.   We have lots of big fish to fry, even bigger than the big Sturgeon carcass that washed up on the beach in North Carolina, and the last thing we need right now is more rancor and disunity.  As Peggy Noonan said today, it’s ours to lose “virtual sigh”.  And she was much more charitable about Obama being “creepy” than I would have been, but mine is not to rewrite the columns of WSJ contributors.  I love her even though I disagree with her all the time.   One good thing about that column today is that she’s really got ahold of a strong *feeling* about Obama that I think is starting to take hold even among his former supporters, and with a lot of good reason.  He should have stuck with the Assistant Professorship, frankly.  But all of us know that wasn’t The Plan, Stan.

So let’s not lose, shall we?

We don’t need any more of our own circular firing squads.  Obama’s campaign is the Lonely Sinking Feeling and the most important thing we need to do is not screw up much more.  Let’s have a little solidarity here, people!