If Redstate had a paywall would you subscribe?

I’ve thought for a long time about it and if Redstate had a paywall and/or a subscription plan to be a part of the blog, I would pay for it.  I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of $5.00 a year to read only front page articles, $10 a year to read front page and recommended entries as well as comment, and $25 a year to read and contribute with full commenting privileges everywhere (subject to applicable rules, of course). 

What do you think?  For a long time I’ve wanted not to *contribute* to Redstate but actively to *pay* for the content here.

To help the process of thinking about this I have 5 options and I’d prefer if you indicate your choice in the response:

1 – I would never pay for anything on a blog or in the blogosphere. 
2 – I would pay a subscription fee to read the blog but not comment
3 – I would pay a fee to read the blog, comment but not contribute entries
4 – I would pay a fee if it allowed me full access including creating entries
5 – I believe in micropayment subscriptions for all access, all the time

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