Guns and Civility in the United States

Hello everyone. 

I mean this post as a little bit of a poll and also because I’m willing to take a personal risk if enough people think it’s important that I do so.

I’d like to talk in a future post about my experiences owning guns in America, beginning with my early experiences shooting BB guns and pellet guns, my later experiences on a high school rifle team, traveling through my ‘interregnum’ as a Teenage Moonbat, and my current experiences as a licensed gun owner in Massachusetts. 

I think it’s an important issue, and it’s one that’s crucial to me when I consider our choices in the upcoming election.  If there’s enough support for it here, I’d like to write a comprehensive piece describing my experiences throughout my (mostly adult) life. 

Obviously, I disagree with Eric Holder and presumably the President – I think it’s crucially important that responsible citizens have the right to own firearms of virtually any type or kind; I also think people should have their concealed carry permits recognized everywhere in the country.  Here on Redstate there have only been a couple of reliable 2nd Amendment supporters, though  – I’d like to add my voice to theirs.  My hard-earned belief is that people who are responsible firearm owners are the least of our worries in this society. 

Do you think I should?  I’m willing to do so, but before I write the whole thing I’d like to ask if there’s any real interest in it here.  I can encapsulate my views very simply:  “The responsible people I’ve known who own guns in our country are the people we really want to encourage.”  Just the opposite of the “brainwashing” Eric Holder is talking about. 

For many years I had personally wrestled with the concept of owning firearms again but I can say that after I decided to purchase my handguns I never slept better.   In the past two and a half years I’ve not only slept with one of my guns (a Ruger SR9) under my pillow on a few rare occasions, I’ve also carried a Smith and Wesson 4040PD Airlite in my car and on my person hundreds of times – walking down the street, going to the grocery store and the gas station, walking the dogs at night, etc., etc.  Completely concealed.  These guns (and others) are kept where I can get to them safely every single day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Knowing you have the ability to protect yourself and your family is enormously beneficial to your state of mind.  Everyone should be able to.   Liberals too, if they so choose.  I believe as much in their 2nd Amendment rights as I do in their 1st Amendment rights. 

By the way it will come as no surprise to anyone who has access to the NICS database that I own the firearms I do.  I was fingerprinted when I bought each of them.  I was instantly checked by the FBI at the moment of purchase, with my fingerprint and Social Security number as well as the model of gun(s) and the purchase price, time, date and location of purchase and a few other things.  Some people mind that, I haven’t:  I bought them from reputable dealers and I’m quite proud to own them and use, shoot and carry them.   


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