Simple Question

It’s a simple question:

If Obama decided that he was going to lose with Biden as his VP on the ticket, what is the absolute latest date he *COULD* switch Biden for Hillary?

I happen to think he could do it as late as August or even right up until the day of the election, but would it be legal that late?   Is it legal, in other words, for an incumbent President to announce 48 hours before an election:  “I’m changing my Vice President, effective after the election, to Madame X?”  Has any such thing ever been done in American history?  What about changing them before the election actually occurs?  What’s the deadline on that and why?

What’s real lowdown on Robert Reich’s proposal that he swap ’em, in terms of hard and fast deadlines?

I’d like to know people’s thoughts on this because for the past several days I’ve had some very interesting dreams, one of which features a Drudge headline showing Obama and Biden with Hillary in a photograph, at an outdoors event, exchanging what look like table napkins.  That, and I don’t believe a word Hillary Clinton says about not running, and frankly Biden would be *perfect* for the State Department right now.  I think it’s been in the plans all along, to be honest.  I’m just wondering if there’s a real Constitutional barrier to it.

[Aside and update:  I have another blog entry coming about this but I’d like to say one thing right now.  Yes, I do support Mitt Romney over Newt Gingrich as I’ve said in the thread with Ender at the top of the Recommended column.  “Most of all to thine own self be true” and all that.  However, I’d also like people to know that even if my pick loses, I will support this Party’s nominee with everything I can offer.  I am neither the Establishment nor, in truth, the Base or part of the Movement Conservatives per se.  But I am loyal to this Party and its people, and that won’t change out of spite or cussedness or sour grapes.]