Now for something completely different

Everyone is consumed with the Presidential horse race in this country and there are good reasons why they are.

But just for a second, I’d like to comment on a headline on Drudge today, which has ostensibly nothing to do with the race for U.S. President … except in terms of the foreign policy of our current administration.  It’s here at the Financial Times:


The “Egyptian Spring” that overthrew Hosni Mubarak was widely ballyhooed at the time as being the victory of a liberal Democratic movement ousting a murderous dictator.  It was the Egyptian Hippies Raging Against the Machine, ushering in a new age of liberalism and secular tolerance.  What actually happened was that the military took complete control of the country after the wealthy took off for parts elsewhere, and the subsequent elections (certified by Jimmy Carter) expressed the “will” of the remaining Egyptian people – mostly hardcore Islamists – to elect other, hardcore Islamists into positions of power across the entire country.  And that is what the country is right now.

Of course, the Egyptians in this country at the time told us that the Muslim Brotherhood and the even more extreme Islamist groups in Egypt were just disorganized fringe elements, nothing to be concerned about, and that the wellspring of liberal democracy was finally coming to replace a thug the United States had supported.  In fact they warned against the regime change in Egypt being “hijacked by Israel” in Chicago.

It now looks like absolutely none of that was true at all.  It was complete counterfactual propaganda.  It was all just a smokescreen.  What’s emerged is that the Islamists are in fact in power in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has 46% of the vote, the really ultra-radical Islamists are actually in power,  and now they’re seeking to extort/borrow money from the International Monetary Fund.  $3.2 billion dollars, according to the Financial Times.

In a recent article talking about why Obama should castle Biden with Hillary, Robert Reich alluded to the idea that somehow America’s foreign policy under Obama was a glistening triumph because of “results” like this.  It seems to me that we’ve got hardcore Islamists in power in Egypt who are now basically extorting the IMF for money.  What do you think of that triumph?  And couldn’t it be said that the professors who were talking in Chicago about the extent of influence of the hardcore Islamists in Egypt were simply lying at the time?

Here’s the link to Robert Reich’s reference to the “Hillary/Biden” Castling event.


“Moreover, the economy won’t be in superb shape in the months leading up to Election Day. Indeed, if the European debt crisis grows worse and if China’s economy continues to slow, there’s a better than even chance we’ll be back in a recession. Clinton would help deflect attention from the bad economy and put it on foreign policy, where she and Obama have shined.”

They’ve “shined” apparently by helping the most radical Islamic regime in Egypt’s history to come to power.  Not a record really that I would be that proud of.