Will Chelsea Clinton Run For President Now?

I think after watching her performance in her newfound (apparently an epiphany after all the years of avoiding being contacted by the media) role, that it’s perfectly clear:

Chelsea Clinton is going to run for President in 2016 or 2020.

Yes, we’re off to a slow start, it’s a boring start, but Amanpour has already stepped down and now Chelsea Clinton gets out of the blocks (despite it not being her career choice at all) with a stable, bland as unbuttered toast debut.  There’s nothing there to criticize except the anticlimax of it all, which means that she made it.  She’s fixed in that spot now and is cemented as a talking head who has nowhere to go but UP.  She survived the first week by pumping out an overdose of mediocre blandness, and that’s what you want to build on when you’re Chelsea Clinton – bland, unbuttered toast that takes at least five or six years to build the following for…

See you in 2016 or 2020.  She’s gonna run!

She’s going to be the Eleanor Roosevelt of the next 30 years.  She’s starting off slow and boring but she’s going to modulate that gradually until “My Day” is HER day.

Some people read the commentary and criticism of her initial appearance and say she was too bland, too boring, etc., etc.  But you know that’s on purpose.  She doesn’t want to be as polarizing as her mother, so she’s going to be as bland as powdered milk until she gets some traction.  Pretty soon, Chelsea Clinton is going to be on EVERYTHING, everywhere.  It was a perfect debut for her, exactly what I expected – super low-key, almost incomprehensibly boring, almost like it didn’t happen.  That tells me she’s going to be around *forever*.