When Will Obama's Actual Birth Certificate Surface?

[UPDATE:  As of late yesterday afternoon, the Governor of Hawaii is saying in an interview that he’s FOUND IT!  Eureka! Hallelujah! We can all rest easy now, I guess, secure in the knowledge that Barack Hussein Obama is actually, legally and constitutionally, eligible to be the POTUS.  😉

The Governor is going to “do what we can…” whatever that means.

“It actually exists in the archives, written down,” he said.  … “”We’ll do what we can as quickly as we can to make it inevitable that only those who wish the President ill, only the ones with a political agenda, will be the ones doing this kind of thing,”

What does “this kind of thing….” mean?  If he means playing hide-and-seek with the public, I would say that the blame for “this kind of thing” rests squarely on the people in charge of Vital Records in Hawaii.  I, of course, can take no credit for the Governor’s new-found ability to search the vital records of his own state to produce and verify the birth records of the child of a personal acquaintance/friend who is now a pretty important person.]

At the beginning of this whole question, I tried hard not to be a ‘birther’.  I don’t know whether I am a ‘birther’ now, but the longer time goes on, and the weirder the prevarications become, the more questions I have about our President’s long-form statement of live birth here in the United States.

The more time that passes, the stranger and more politically intrigued the question becomes.  It should be a simple question that anyone could have resolved in an instant, with reference to a bonafide document, but the more time passes, the more convoluted the story becomes.  And that makes think a couple of things:

1) There is a real long-form statement of Live Birth for Barack Hussein Obama somewhere in Hawaii and nobody has found it yet, despite the Governor of Hawaii’s attempts to search for it.

In #1, what I would do as the President is wait as long as possible to show it, to maximize the impact on the Birther movement.  Keep it building, keep denying it’s a problem so that the voices grow more and more fervent and then !WHAM! hit them with the evidence, knocking all the wind out of their sails.

2) The long-form birth certificate from Hawaii doesn’t exist, but eventually some fascimile of it will be trotted out before the 2012 elections to accomplish much of the same thing as in #1, but with another fraud tacked on top of it.

3) There *is no* long-form birth certificate from Hawaii and no fraudulent document can be produced that will convince anyone.  In which case the President is in really big trouble, Constitutionally speaking.

I just don’t know.  I keep wondering about why the President and anyone else might want to play around with something so simple, so basic, and so seemingly simple to solve and/or refute, but all I see are media manipulations, and those manipulations have actually started me wondering whether there’s something to this idea that Barack Hussein Obama’s live birth certificate in Hawaii really just doesn’t exist. 

If the Governor of Hawaii was telling the truth, he could have produced it two weeks ago, but apparently he’s still searching for it.  Why?  I can’t think of any reason except that he really can’t find it, or he is waiting for the moment of maximum impact to reveal it.

The thing that gets me about it is that I know there are people in this country who could very credibly validate the birth certificate in a responsible and scientific forensic fashion if one were shown to them.  We have experts on every kind of printed document that has ever been produced by humankind here in this country.  If a certificate was produced, and if it was real, it shouldn’t be a problem to verify its authenticity through a number of forensic means.  I would imagine such a task would be duck soup to a real art historian, for example, someone who works with old texts and works of art.  Someone at the Smithsonian surely has the expertise to validate that document, if it exists.  Lay the question to rest and let’s stop the enormous waste of people time and energy on the speculation.  That to me would seem to be something the President would be interested in doing here at this point in America – to positively stop people from wasting any more valuable time on absoultely frivolous things. 

I can’t make a poll here at Redstate, so I’ll just put the options here and let people put their votes in the comments:


1) At the precise moment Barack Hussein Obama decides it will do the most damage to people asking the question, and not before.

2) Whenever anyone finds it in Hawaii.

3) Sometime after Obama is no longer the President after losing the election because of it.

4) Never, because it doesn’t matter to anyone, even if the whole thing is a put-up job.