Someone tell John Boehner to Stop Crying

This is a short diary but it’s on an important subject and there really isn’t much more to be said than this:

Someone needs to tell John Boehner to grow the heck up and stop crying in front of every camera thrust in front of him, particularly when he’s being interviewed by Lesley Stahl for 60 Minutes. It was OK to see a sniffle here and there in the past, but this is now becoming a pattern in which Boehner just lets loose with the waterworks every time he’s asked to make a comment on something even tangentially emotional.

It’s becoming disturbing.

I don’t have any doubt that he’s a man of deep feelings but it’s getting worse and more acute and more frequent; his inability to keep a lid on it in public is really making me question his emotional stability. Lots of people have deep feelings and it’s a challenge for a lot of people to maintain their composure but they do it – and if they can’t, they find out why and they take steps to bring it under control. Boehner is now coming across as a blubbering, tongue-tied basket case whenever he has to think about something difficult or emotionally challenging. If he keeps crying every time someone asks him a tough question, it might be wise for the Republican caucus to relieve him of his duties and get him some help, because he’s obviously decompensating on a pretty regular basis these days.

America’s in a tough way, Mr. Speaker, and there’s a lot of pain to go around, but we’re not all sitting here with tissues crying all over each other: we’re working to make it better. So pull it together, bro.