Britain Establishes Druidism as Religion

Yup. It’s true. Druidism is now a bonafide religion in Britain, instead of a gathering of eccentric occult whackos.

Hey at least that means the guy I knew from NJIT who couldn’t find enough protection spells in Dungeons & Dragons now has a place he can return home to.

The Druid Network, a group of about 350 Druids, will receive exemptions from taxes on donations after the semi-governmental Charity Commission granted it the same status as mainstream religions such as the Church of England.

It’s all downhill from here, folks. We’re all going to be robed wanderers chanting at stones before it’s over. Boy was Carl Sagan wrong, but maybe Stanley Kubrick was right. Lock and load, folks, Western Civilization has gone back to the robed, mysterious nature-worshippers. The Dark Ages are Back.

Although they are best known as the robed, mysterious people who gather every summer solstice at Stonehenge – which predates the Druids – believers say modern Druidry is chiefly concerned with helping practitioners connect with nature and themselves through rituals, dancing and singing at stone circles and other sites throughout the country they view as sacred.