America's Global Transition

For any of you who thought that today wasn’t one of the most important days in our history, I’d like to remind you: 

Today was the day that we officially allowed a foreigner based in Sweden and other countries to use the Internet to influence American foreign policy through the widespread distribution of secret documents.  This wasn’t a small disbursal of a paragraph or two, it was an almost verbatim expurgation of ***THOUSANDS*** of documents to the entire world, led by an organization run by a single individual. 

I don’t know whether anyone here really understands what that means.  I know that it means as a matter of practical policy if not fact, that the foreign policy of the United States is now being influenced and in many cases led by decisions of a guy named Julian Assange.   One person, unelected.  Traveling around Europe and hobnobbing at Oxford.  Is deciding when to release secret documents owned by the United States of America, to everyone in the world.

We should be at war over this right now.  In a more honorable time in our nation’s history we WOULD have gone to war over it. 

I think it should be recorded for posterity that it was under the Obama Administration, elected in no small part because of its stated intention to be the “most transparent Administration in history”, that these classified documents have become public. 

In the past month I’ve been watching this story and I can’t see anything the Obama Administration did to prevent the release of these Secret materials, even though they knew that Assange had them.  Since they didn’t, one can only conclude that the Obama Administration wanted them to be released to the world.   They certainly didn’t do anything concrete to prevent it, based on any reports I’ve read in the news media.

In my mind, we should impeach the President for not protecting the information that he surely knew Julian Assange was in possession of.