Jobs that Greeks Won't Do

Today there are another round of protests in Greece about the austerity measures the country has been forced to adopt because it cannot afford itself, and as usual for Greece, they’re violent and disruptive.

I have a very short question here:

If there are all these jobs that Greeks Won’t Do, why don’t we send some Americans over there to do them? There are a lot of Americans living here in the United States right now who would gladly move to Greece and simply do those jobs within the constraints of the austerity measures — and do them better. It’s a beautiful place. It’s the cradle of Western Civilization. Before it becomes the grave, maybe we should send some people who really want to work over there, before it buries itself.

I think we need some real “get out on the islands” thinking here.

My crazy, harebrained scheme amounts to knowing that there are a lot of unemployed Americans right now who would very willingly travel to Greece and basically help to rebuild that nation, at wages and salaries that wouldn’t break the bank any worse than it’s already been broken by the Greeks themselves. If I had a good offer I’d certainly consider putting my business plans on hold here, move to Greece and live in a little place while working for wages that are probably twice what I make already in the United States, particularly when the fringe benefits are factored in.

There isn’t anything sacred about a Greece that’s being burned to the ground by Socialists, so it’s about time the people in their government had a little pragmatism.

If the Socialist unions like ADEDY in Greece can’t do anything other than get their people out on the streets to throw Molotov cocktails and shut the society down, maybe the government of Greece should look elsewhere — to Americans. We could, and would clean the place up and fix the problems that need to be fixed, and really, Greece would be a nicer place and a better tourist destination because of it.

I’ll guarantee that 5 to 10% of the structurally unemployed people in America would jump at the chance to live in Greece and work like crazy to fix the place up. Why doesn’t the government there just tell their unions to shove off, and let us migrate a couple of hundred thousand problem solving Americans there, take over their responsibilities, and tell the rest of them that if they don’t want to get with the program, they can eat rocks?