Politics and Prose is Up For Sale

This is quick:

Politics and Prose the Washington, DC landmark independent bookstore that some of you have seen on C-Span and others have undoubtedly visited, is up for sale, or about to be put up for sale.

I think we should try to get together an effort with Rush Limbaugh and a few other people to buy it.  I will contribute to that cause.   The owners say it’s a profitable store, and I have no doubt they’re right.

Now think about this for a few minutes before you completely slashdot it into the ether:  owning one of the few remaining profitable, independent bookstores, particularly one that’s a minor cultural landmark in DC, is not something anyone with the means and a love of books and reading should dismiss out of hand.   If Limbaugh can pay Elton John a million dollars to sing at his wedding, why not think about purchasing a bookstore that employs 60 people in DC? 

Laura Bush could be a buyer and advisor, and there are many other people who would love to contribute to keeping the store vibrant and interesting.  I think he could do a wonderful job keeping the store on the cutting edge while preserving its quirkiness and its status as a destination for readers in Washington, but also for visitors who come because of its notoriety. 

What a story it would make on NPR, and Limbaugh could help out some bookish Conservatives who are looking for a job as well.

How cool would it be to send out an invitation:

“Hey, we’re all meeting up at Politics and Prose for the signing.  You know, the bookstore Rush owns.”