I Don't Want Barack Obama To Fail

I’m an American and I care about my President, even if I don’t agree politically with him.  I care because so many people in our country and elsewhere in the world rely on his capability and ability to perform his duties and at least look competent that his absence would be unthinkable for me, and for much of the rest of the world as well.   The world relies on the stability of the United States regardless of how much people might disagree about the elected leader of the Republic.  They do count on us, and we’re not always the most trustworthy or credible people in the world.  Even though they like to pretend we’re whacky a lot of the time, they still come back around to relying on us.  How screwed up is that?  But there it is.  There must be a reason for it:  We’re whacky, but we’re basically stable.

I think they know we’re basically good people.  We’re not going to nuke the Jews or the Dutch or the Italians, we’re not going to blast the former Soviets into nonexistance just because they deserve it, the North Koreans are really funny with all that “blowing them up” rhetoric, they’re criminals but we’re bigger than they are, and so on and so on.  Chavez is a fruitcake – we might kill him just for sport, but it won’t be out of malice, necessarily.  We’re not even going to melt the French down any time soon, although really — we probably should.  Toyota might have to watch out for a while, but we’re going to keep driving their cars, too.  And we’ll probably continue to be too loudmouthed and insensitive forever.  We will wear loud clothes and not respect people’s cultural traditions from now until the end of time.  It’s going to be a tough row to hoe for supersenstitive nonamericans everywhere, forever.  We’re loud and proud.  We’re like Oprah Winfrey, who never really tells you the truth about their origins.  There will always be a certain crassness that Americans have, and everyone here will always be able to own guns, which really freaks a lot of Europeans out, but it only freaks out about 1/2 of the Europeans who are American citizens.  Other than that, we’ll probably bug people because we don’t legislate away success and don’t prevent our people from becoming millionaires and billionaires, no matter how poorly-bred they are.  Even people who didn’t go to Yale and Harvard will be able to become millionaires and billionaires.  Hard to believe, but it’s true. 

It’s almost too much for some Europeans to bear, but that’s the way it is.  BP is rated a Buy, and we’ll keep buying. 

I’m sure that for a lot of people reading this here at Redstate, the question:  “How would you feel if you had to wake up to Barack Obama’s face as the President for the next four years?” would have elicited titanic groans three years ago, and probably it still does today.  It sure makes me want to reach for the Pepto-Bismol sometimes, but do I really want him to fail?  As in a catastrophic failure leaving nobody in charge, or in terms of a complete mental breakdown where he’s incapacitated and unable to govern, or in terms of him just getting so ticked off with ineffectiveness that he lashes out and decides to nuke Michigan, just for spite?  I don’t want him to fail that way.  I don’t want the guy to die or suffer a nervous breakdown or go for a long walk off a pier somewhere.  I can handle his legislative agenda not making it, but I don’t want him personally to be destroyed – not as an individual, certainly not as a husband and a father.  And not as an American, either. 

I’m upset with Barack Obama for a lot of good policy reasons but I don’t have anything against him personally.  There are people who still question whether he’s an American — people call those guys “birthers.”  I’d like to say to the birthers:  “Listen, guys:  it’s too late.  He’s been the President for a long time now.  He has the nuclear football.  He’s got his fingers on the buttons.  He’s going to continue to be the President until the end of his term(s).  Enough’s enough.”

  I also don’t want to see his Presidency come apart at the seams, leaving us with Joe Biden in command like Commodore Decker, although I’d be glad if Robert Gibbs was given a new job:  I don’t think he’s a very credible spokesperson any longer. 

I think Obama is finding out that events really do determine the trajectory of presidencies in the modern age, just as much as wishes from backroom deals might have determined them a century ago.  He should be most concerned in the next couple of years with policies that will keep America strong and help it recover economically.  He should, if he can, try to recognize that some of the distasteful things he might think about America are not distasteful, they’re not blemishes, they’re actually positive things:  they’re the emblems of a flawed but free people.

I don’t want Barack Obama to reach the end of his 4 years as the President and have to conclude for himself that everything he did was a failure.  Particularly not if it means having to look over the smoldering ruins of America.   I’d rather he changed his mind on a few things and people continued to respect him as the President.