Electromagnetic Pollution In The Environment

Please, don’t recommend this diary. Really, I am seriously asking people just to read it but not recommend it.

The New York Times offers all kinds of compelling information and explanation and prestidigitation about why the oil spill in the Gulf is what it is, and how harmful it is. And let’s make no mistake, it’s a bad thing. It’s awful.

But let’s remember something else: they also accept Neiman Marcus as one of their advertisers, and at Neiman Marcus you can buy for just $150, the Natura Bisse Diamond Ice-Lift DNA Cryo-Mask and then, for just $270 you can also buy the Natura Bisse Diamond Magnetic, which gives you this:

Early magnetic therapy techniques inspired Natura Bissé to create Diamond Magnetic which uses diamond dust and properties of the ancient healing art of Magnetic Therapy. The unique combination of Natura Bissé Diamond Collection embodies a global anti-aging concept that provides skin therapy through the use of scientifically-advanced ingredients. Holistic harmony is achieved through diamond dust, micronized iron, and wild lavender essential oil.

Wow. That stuff is really bitchin’. I mean REALLY.

Imagine that, for only $270. Global anti-aging concepts. From Neiman-Marcus. Based (allegedly) on rubbing the hardest and sharpest shards of anything in the Universe into the pores of your skin, along with a lot of rust and assorted sludge that smells nice. In this environmental day and age! And paying $270 for it! Willingly!

I know people at the Times have so much to teach us all about narrative…but if they can sell this stuff at $150 a tube they’re definitely winning.

Listen, I know that if you really tick off the women who buy this garbage and support the Times’ website with their infinite wisdom, you’ll never make it onto the Board of an organization that supports people like Barack Obama for President. It’s quite clear to me that they all have their priorities straight and they know better than most people how to deal with the world, there in New York.