Is Greece just the Hippie Country?

I just have to ask, watching all the stuff about Greece’s bonds being pushed into the junk realm and now followed by Portugal.

Seeing how something like 60% of the people in Greece don’t want the IMF bailout, the only thing I can conclude is not that they don’t really want the IMF to spend the money — they just don’t want the strings that are attached to the money, because it’ll mean that people there have to work as hard as people in Germany (!). Hahahah.

To me, Greece is this quasi-socialist state on the edge of Europe that can’t balance its budget because it’s so completely corrupt and because it’s also populated by a large group of people who want it that way, so when the government decides to ask for an IMF bailout, most of the people there don’t want it. They’d rather rest on their laurels as the beginning of Western Civilization and go back to screwing people’s girlfriends on a cheap boat to Corfu. They don’t really care about being “fiscally solvent” in terms of the modern world.

Maybe we should let them go that way. Does anyone really do anything in Greece any longer except run shipping companies? Someone else can do that, and the native Greeks would, it seems to me, be just as happy being a very marginal tourist spot with no economic clout or international significance any longer. Just let ’em drop right out of Europe, I say.

Better yet, they should just bring in a big group of Chinese nationals to run their shipping industry so the rest of Greek nationals can lounge around at the ruins of the Acropolis and eat rocks.