Leave it to Biden

If you wait long enough, you’ll eventually hear Joe Biden tell you what “green jobs” and “global warming” are really about, because he had to stand in front of a roomful of AFL-CIO members who hate the bailout of the Corporate Fat Cats, and were about to twist his arms off and take the keys to the Trans Am if he didn’t tell ’em something they wanted to hear.  So Biden knew the muscle was in the room, and he spilled the beans.

Now, of course everyone who has ever had anything to do with thinking about “global warming” and the legislation it will impose has always known that the most important component is raising the price of energy and adding — not green jobs, but more importantly, UNION jobs.

And Biden basically spills the beans today:

“The Obama administration has invested in the creation of jobs in 21st century industries such as green technology and high-speed rail, and it’s up to unions to organize in those fields, Biden said.

“That’s a new economy. That’s where labor is going to lead. That’s where you’re going to get to organize,” he said.”

So basically, the Obama administration as expressed through the Veep basically sees itself as the Johnny Appleseed of new Union jobs by dint of whatever global warming legislation it is able to pass.  It’s nice to have someone at this echelon of government basically tell everyone what the Plan is.


So we’re gonna go back to railroads and windmills (which are actually very OLD economies, not to mention the fact that AMTRAK needs money and Biden likes to ride it) to run our country’s power supply and transportation networks so that UNIONS can benefit.   This is the vision that’s at the heart of the White House: Obama gives us the international claptrap and the polished demeanor while Biden reassures Joe Six Pack that their Union jobs are coming back, and Al Gore tells us to be very, very afraid.  What a team!

And who says this whole paranoia/coercion/racketeering scheme has just been a ploy all along to make the europeans feel less bad about how uncompetitive their economies are, while transferring wealth from the United States to the Island nation of Maldives?  Those people are NUTS, I tell you.  Biden just told everyone what it’s really about.

Thanks, Joe!  Thanks for clearing that up for us, bro!

Just as an aside, I have no doubt that as long as Biden/Obama are in power, this statement will be more true than not:

“More shovels are going to be going into the ground this spring and this summer than any time last year,” Biden said, adding that in Florida it “means 15,000 guys wearing hard hats and engineers and surveyors, people who are able to make a decent wage and raise a family on, are going to be put to work.”

Anyone who has driven through Washington D.C. in the past six months can attest that the entire Beltway and many of the other major roadways around D.C. were so shovel-ready that they got a huge amount of money to start tearing them up and replacing them, all the better to make way for the bigger government that Joe Biden planned to install along with his pal, the President.