Where are you folks on the Oath Keepers?

Drudge is running a story today about the Oath Keepers. It’s probably better to let people read the story and view the website before adding any of my personal opinions, since I really don’t have any preconceived notions of this group.

SIDEBAR: I take issue with one of the sentences in the Las Vegas Review Journal’s story:

But for Rhodes, it looked like preparation for a future declaration of martial law. It reminded him of the response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when police officers reportedly confiscated legally owned firearms.

[Emphasis mine.]

Police officers in New Orleans did not reportedly confiscate legally owned firearms in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. They actually confiscated them.

“Noone will be able to be armed. We’re going to take all the weapons.” — Police Superintendent P. Eddie Compass.


I didn’t know about this group until today, but after reading their website, I’m thinking of joining as a Citizen Member. Do I really think the Oath Keepers are necessary? Right now my judgment is: “I really can’t say. Maybe they are, better to be safe than sorry.”

I say that because I was aware of the H1N1 pandemic response legislation that was recently passed by the State House in Massachusetts. To me, this seemed like a typical case of gross overreaction on the part of the State Legislature here, and I mean gross:


S.2028 essentially gives the Governor of Massachusetts the power to declare martial law through an appointed State Health Commissioner, and provides liability exemptions for them if they do. That’s just the beginning. The bill as initially written and passed by the State House gave the right of entry onto private property without a warrant. There’s a lot more if you look into it.

Since the Oath Keepers are a nationwide organization, I’d like to hear some opinions from people here. I want to support them — I think they’re a very important and necessary hedge against this Administration.

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