Why haven't they been deported?

This morning, CNN is running a story (h/t: Drudge) about a protest over “Illegal Alien” costumes sold by Target, Walgreens and many other stores, organized by Los Angeles based radical immigrant group CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles). The group is protesting the costumes and pressuring stores to stop selling them because they might “offend illegal immigrants.” Yes, you read that correctly. A pressure group that apparently helps to support illegal immigration into the United States is successfully getting ink from CNN by protesting American companies and retailers selling a Halloween costume that offends their sensibilities.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you need any more evidence that our government has failed us, look no further.

The costume depicts an extraterrestrial in an orange prison jumpsuit holding a “green card”. CHIRLA latched onto the “green card” and took umbrage, deciding that it might offend actual illegal aliens, and so the stores should be pressured to stop selling them.

The rationale, as stated by one of the “wounded”, is this:

Guillermo Iglesias said both of his parents were illegal immigrants in the United States. He felt the costumes were offensive because they depicted illegal immigrants as “not one of us.”

“I have a lot of illegal immigrant friends,” said Iglesias. “If I showed them that costume, it would really hurt them.”

Let’s leave aside questions of taste: personally, I think Halloween costumes depicting extraterrestrials are cliché. Whitley Streiber fans and Raelians and helium balloon hoaxers in Colorado are free to differ. Regardless, Halloween costumes are regularly used in the United States by people across the political spectrum to poke fun at political figures or to highlight politically sensitive subjects. Sarah Palin costumes were big in Greenwich Village recently, and nobody (to my knowledge) tried to stop anyone from buying or wearing them. The only people this costume should offend are extraterrestrials — and to the best of my knowledge, imaginary beings from other planets outside our solar system are not yet members of any mainstream “social justice” constituency.

An even better question is this: why haven’t Mr. Iglesias’ parents and his friends been deported yet? If they’re here illegally, and Mr. Iglesias is bold enough to say so in a CNN interview, why isn’t the INS knocking on his door right now? Isn’t he admitting in print that his parents and his friends are in violation of Federal law?