Gun Show Report Coming Tomorrow

Tomorrow I’ll be attending the NRA National Gun Collector Show & Conference in West Springfield, MA. I’ll be reporting on all of the terrible, horrible, awful people and their families who according to Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Deval Patrick, Mike Bloomberg, Eric Holder and many others are destroying the United States of America. You know the ones — the semiliterate, knuckle-dragging evolutionary castoffs and throwbacks who deserve to be hounded, gradually dispossesed, strangled out of business and portrayed as modern-day pariahs of civilized society. So many pariahs. The ones who “don’t read books.” Those people.

Oh, yeah — while looking at what promises to be a really nice collection of guns, too.

This is my first gun show in more than 20 years, and also my first since acquiring my MA Class A LTC and purchasing my first two pistols, a Smith and Wesson 4040PD and a new Ruger SR9. I’m looking forward to having a nice time with my Dad and all the participants, vendors and undercover BATFE agents at the show, and I’ll have a full report tomorrow afternoon — with pictures if possible — so that everyone can have a look at this terrible scourge that’s wrecking our country.

Springfield, MA is still (believe it or not) the corporate headquarters of Smith & Wesson and in a few weeks I’m sending my 4040PD in for a minor rebluing. This particular pistol was something of a rarity in the Smith and Wesson line of compact metal-framed semiautos. Chambered in S&W .40 caliber, it features a scandium alloy frame with a laser engraved atom on the left hand side. Scandium is a lightweight metal (atomic number 21, hence the engraving) that when alloyed with aluminum is used in aerospace components and, in this case, the frame for this lightweight but relatively high-powered pistol.

The 4040PD is no longer manufactured but it has an excellent reputation as a backup, defensive and concealed-carry weapon. It was particularly favored (no surprise) by police officers and FBI agents. I was lucky to find one for sale in very good/excellent condition at a local dealer, and this weekend I’m going to try and find out how many were made and where in the production order mine was.

And, as always:

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