Proud (Nonpartisan) Plug Department

I want to add a disclaimer to this before anyone reads any further or attempts to “read between the lines”: in the entire time I’ve known the Hoyts, I haven’t had the occasion or felt the need to discuss politics with them, nor have I cared to, or had a reason to. I have no idea which political party they vote for, because I’ve never asked and I frankly couldn’t care less. You shouldn’t either.

I’m posting this on a Republican/Conservative blog because Redstate is my blogging alma mater and the Hoyts are some of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met, but I want to emphasize that the message of Team Hoyt is nonpartisan: they’re just great people. Please leave the partisanship out of this thread.

So, that said, please take a look:

My friends (and customers) Team Hoyt have a new website, and it’s very well done.

Please stop by and have a look.

Team Hoyt and I live in the same small town in Massachusetts, just a half mile or so from each other, and it’s a true pleasure and a daily inspiration to know them and to work with them. You won’t find a harder-working family with a more inspiring story: these people are the real, Real Deal. In addition to running marathons and competing in triathlons, Dick and Rick Hoyt also conduct motivational speaking seminars for companies and nonprofit groups.

If you’re thinking of hiring a motivational speaker who can really deliver the goods, look no further: their story is a *true* story of love, determination, lots of hard work, optimism in the face of adversity, and the triumph of the American spirit. It’s such a pleasure to know and do business with them, I hope you’ll visit their website and be inspired by everything they do and all that they have accomplished together.