A Great Guy and Great Gun Reviews

This is just a very quick shout out to a guy who is doing a really great job as a reviewer and a Citizen on YouTube, with his reviews of firearms, gear and all sorts of things that people who believe in the entire Bill of Rights like to own.

I was in the market for a couple of pistols recently, and of course I wanted to have all the information I could before I made a purchase. There’s a lot of good and bad information out there when it comes to pistols and if you’re like me, separating the informative from the merely opinionated is crucial to making a good purchase decision. I do a lot of reading and armchair comparison before I buy anything of value — never mind a gun — and when I found his videos on YouTube I knew I was looking at something special. I think you will too.

Nutnfancy has a channel on YouTube, and as a completely independent reviewer he’s made a couple of hundred videos of guns, knives and other kinds of gear, etc., etc., and his style and method are just excellent. He’s military/LEO and he’s obviously been well informed by his professional experience. He does comprehensive reviews of the weapons he evaluates and, yes they are his opinions, but they’re informed opinions and go into plenty of detail. One good thing is that he doesn’t appear to have any financial stake in the things he evaluates — many of the guns and knives are lent to him for the purposes of his reviews.

Very highly recommended. The really cool thing about Nutnfancy is that he’s unpretentious, he’s definitely not shy about telling you what he thinks, and more importantly he does it with a loosely-structured but serious method that actually *teaches* first, and entertains as well. He’s articulate, witty, and he has a proven method in his reviews that really keeps you interested as a viewer. I think it’s an amazing self-publishing accomplishment and a great public service as well. I’d like to see him review some of the many shooting courses and schools that are available.

On the strength of his YouTube channel I purchased a Ruger SR9 pistol and it’s everything he talks about in his tripartite bench review/comparison with the Glock 17 and more. In fact I’m going to do my own blog review of this gun with my own photos soon. Kudos to Nutnfancy! I don’t think you can find a better 17+1 9mm pistol new at the price, and he devotes more than an hour to reviewing and live-firing it. His reviews sealed the deal for me after a lot of reading and comparison.

When was the last time you sat through a couple of hours of pistol reviews on YouTube and came away better informed and entertained at the same time? Until you’ve seen his work, my guess is “never” — so check them out.

Be safe, have fun and enjoy.

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