Wednesday with the MA GOP

This Wednesday I’m going to the Massachusetts GOP meeting at Campanelli Stadium to watch the Brockton Rox (http://www.brocktonrox.com/) and have a chance to talk with the former Plymouth County District Attorney, and United States Attorney & Director of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), Michael Sullivan.

I intend to wear my NRA baseball cap and have my G.O.A.L. and NRA membership cards with me at the game and afterward. I’m very interested to talk with Mr. Sullivan about his views on firearms licensing and ownership in MA, and get to know a lot more people in the MA GOP. One does exist, you know 😉 and in fact, with Deval Patrick’s approval ratings in the 30% range right now, I’m looking forward to some real change here in the Commonwealth.

If you’re in MA, try to be there so we can meet up and enjoy some baseball.

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