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The Washington Post just changed its headline trumpeting the “improved” job figures today. Previously it was a “Strong Signal” that the “Recession Was Ending” according to the people who make the news at the Washington Post.

Surprisingly Strong Jobs Data Signals Turning Point

“The worst may be behind us,” President Barack Obama declared. “Today, we’re pointed in the right direction.”

Now it is:

Jobs Rate Paints Incomplete Picture

“There’s nothing really happening right now,” said Marc Patterson, 31, a Southeast Washington resident unemployed for seven months who had little luck finding work as a janitor. “There aren’t too many jobs.”

The day’s previous “good news” just became “bad news” according to the Washington Post. Wouldn’t want to build those expectations, would we?

Let’s be charitable: The Washington Post during its waking hours was trying to put the best possible spin on the unemployment numbers to bolster the public’s hopes for the guy they wanted so very badly to be President. Then, when they got home and thought about it for a while after a few drinks, they realized it might not be such a good idea to be that optimistic.