Rupert Murdoch Leads, and I'm Glad

Well, it’s been years since anyone took the lead in the news/journalism/blogosphere space but Rupert Murdoch has finally drawn the line in the sand by announcing that News Corp. will charge for its news websites.

I agree with him, I think it’s been a long time in coming and is well overdue. The “free content” model of Internet news as it exists today is a path toward poverty, and even worse journalism and more insipid content.

I already pay for the WSJ and for years I’ve watched sites I value make an attempt to use advertising and donations to cover their financial bases, usually unsuccessfully. I’ve always wondered when people were going to realize that giving away content and work product was ultimately self-defeating in environment where you need intelligent people doing real work to produce a quality product.

Kudos to Murdoch and I hope more people in the blogosphere lose their strange obsession with working for free. It’s not just anti-capitalist, it’s a race to the bottom. What good are knowledge workers who can’t pay their bills?

It takes a mogul like Murdoch to really change the tone with a few words, and I’m glad he’s decided to do it. And if Redstate starts charging a subscription, I’d be one of the people who would happily pay, as I’ve said for years.