Please Help Me Fight Another 2nd Amend. Attack

Deval Patrick is at it again with House Bill 4102, which he wants to get out of committee so he can impose a one-gun-a-month restriction on licensed firearm owners, in addition to other restrictions on firearm sales even between family members.

If you’re in Massachusetts, please read the release from the NRA-ILA and give me a hand tomorrow calling some of the people on the list. Please be polite and inform them that cracking down on law abiding citizens in Massachusetts hasn’t done anything to deter crime, it has in fact made it worse.

I’m going to be writing letters in addition to calling, and I hope I can count on a few people here to help out.

For a little more background on MA’s disastrous and blockheaded anti-gun legislative efforts, please look here. The intent was to reduce crime, instead it created more criminals and fewer law-abiding citizens, not to mention less revenue for the state in terms of legitimate licensing, training, etc.

Patrick keeps going to this poisoned well of punishing people who haven’t done anything wrong, and it’s time we put a stop to it, or at least tried our best.

Give me a hand if you can:

This proposal, in essence, is a repeat of Chapter 180 of the Acts of 1998, statutes that created some of the most confusing and ill-advised set of gun laws in the nation. The vast majority of those new laws attacked lawful gun owners and did little, if anything, to address violent crime in the Commonwealth. The only result has been a startling 85% decrease in the number of lawfully licensed gun owners in Massachusetts and a dramatic increase in crime.

I’d really appreciate it if we can get some people from Redstate to call these legislators and comprehensively and passionately and politely explain to them that Deval Patrick’s motivation for reducing gun violence is laudable and something we’d like to help him with — but his methods are not just at odds with the facts, they’re sadly wrongheaded.

Thank you in advance. Please remember that just as it was with health care legislation, Massachusetts is a bellweather state for liberal governance, which in this case is illiberal and frankly perverse in the extreme.