Best President's Day Sale Ad EVER

Normally I don’t use my diary entries to plug products, but this morning I got the Best President’s Day Sale ad EVER from the National Rifle Association. With a new President and a gun-grabbing Attorney General in office, not to mention the all-Democrat Congress, I hope everyone at Redstate will consider buying some of these President’s Day Sale items to support the National Rifle Association. It’s good to see the NRA using some humor in its ads, and of course even though I was disappointed in their stance over Holder, I still support the organization and its mission to protect our 2nd Amendment freedoms.

You can find most of the products on the Web Specials page at the NRA Store online. I got a kick out of the playful product descriptions for President’s Day, particularly the turtlenecks, the coffee mug, and the rifle slings.

Some of the products:

“Secret Service Compartments”: Stonewashed canvas shirt. Tagline: “Stonewashing provides kinder, gentler comfort, yet this shirt wears like iron!” Reg. $34.95-$37.95 NOW $25.95

“Making the Point for Freedom”:NRA Rifle Stock Knives. Tagline:
“American freedom has been hard-won with the rifle and the knife. We’ve combined the two into an unforgettable symbol of our courageous country.” Reg. $119.95-$124.95 NOW $94.95

“Camp David Casual”: NRA Classic Turtlenecks. Tagline:
“Washington and Lincoln never enjoyed the Catoctin Mountain retreat. But if they could have, they would have shed those uncomfortable starched collars and donned our comfortable, warm NRA turtlenecks for the trip.” Reg. $19.95-$21.95 NOW $13.95

“Suitable for Your Rose Garden (or Your South Lawn)”: Workhorse Canvas Jacket. Tagline: “This no-pretense jacket is built for the kind of hard work that made America what it is today.” Reg. $64.95 – $69.95 NOW $49.95

“Cabinet Nomination”: NRA M16 Mug. Tagline: “Perfect for the display case or for everyday use, our 16 oz. ceramic mug depicts the NRA seal and numerous variations of the M16 rifle.” Reg. $10.95 NOW $8.50

“Bill of Lights”: Brim Light. Tagline: “Attached to your hat’s brim, this feather-light illumination tool is indispensible when you’re hunting or working in low-light conditions.” Reg. $19.95 NOW $11.95.

“From the Mountains to the Prairies”: Backwoods Camo Hat. Tagline: “…to the oceans white with foam! Our Realtree® hat has what it takes to get you where you’re going…and back to your home, sweet home!” Reg. $14.95 NOW $9.95

In Order to Form a More Perfect Union: In Search of the 2nd Amendment DVD. Tagline: “Historians, Constitutional scholars and legal experts explain our Founding Fathers’ original intentions regarding the individual right to bear arms. It should be required viewing for every patriotic American.” Reg. $24.95 NOW $19.95

Real American Gun Support: NRA Rifle Slings. Tagline: “Support your local rifle in style with one of our ergonomically designed slings.” Reg. $24.95 – $39.95 NOW $19.95 – $27.95

Made By the People, For the People: NRA Pub Clock. Tagline: “Made in America by Americans, our classic design is made of honest materials and offered at an honest price.” Reg. $69.95 NOW $52.95

American Status Symbol: ANL Life Member Buckle. Tagline: “It’s heavy brass-plated pewter, tastefully engraved to accentuate the NRA Eagle seal and your Life Member status.” Reg. $16.95 NOW $11.95