Enough is Enough

The American people need to stop being shafted by both parties.

I’m talking about this:

Hill Republican: Stimulus aids illegal immigrants.

If you start wading into the thicket of how this came to pass, you’ll find a lot of horseplay between both parties, and if the Republicans object to it on the “aiding illegal immigrants” grounds, the Democrats will counter that lots of military families use alternative numbers to file their taxes. Clinton started it to allow undocumented illegals to pay taxes without being deported, apparently a lot of military families use it, etc., but I’m finished with both parties if this passes.

This deliberate ambiguity in the law that’s used to torque people of both parties for political purposes while handing out tax credits to people without SS numbers has to stop. This is the kind of legislation that is destroying our country and making people like me want to jump off a bridge.

The perfidy behind this provision in H.R. I falls on both sides of the aisle and I can’t determine yet who is more to blame, but it makes me sick as an American and I’m much, much more than tired of it. How can we clean up the tax code when we don’t even require people to be citizens to file tax returns? How can we honestly say to Americans that we’re designing stimulus packages to help them when we have no idea who is receiving the tax credits, whether they’re undocumented aliens living here under false pretenses or the guy whose family has been here for 5 generations? How many people in the active-duty military will receive a credit because they file their tax returns using alternative numbers? How can we tolerate this kind of deliberate legislative ambiguity from our own government, when it does nothing but serve partisan interests from one twist of the political cycle to the next?

Feel like a puppet on a string? Feel like a dupe? Good, because you should. The tax code was screwed this way on purpose to make you feel that way. Meanwhile, when actual Americans who are real citizens are hurting, the government is set to hand out credits to people who file their returns without Social Security numbers, and the history by which they came to be able to do that ensures that there’s plenty of headline space to go around for everyone to be blamed.


I don’t think there is any reason to be an American any longer: it’s much better to be unidentified and illegal, but still able to qualify for government tax credits and incentive programs. Someone please show me why I’m wrong. I realize that there’s probably a wonderfully nuanced explanation for how this particular quirk of the tax code came to be written so that we can read this headline today, and I’m quite sure it all sounded very reasonable to people in both parties when they agreed to the things that led to this, but it’s something we need to change.

Clinton supporters will wag their index fingers and say: “Well, if we were going to have all these undocumented immigrants here because businesses here needed and wanted to employ them, at least we should give them a way to pay taxes.” And Rangel supporters will say: “Well, if they’ve paid taxes, they should be eligible to receive stimulus tax credits when we’re facing the worst economy of our lifetimes.” And then I suppose someone will pipe up from the military and say: “Well, if companies and politicians can hire people to cut their lawns and take care of their children while they’re undocumented and paying taxes, you bet we want them to be eligible for service in the U.S. Military.” And on, and on, and on it goes.

All I’d like to know, and I’d really enjoy hearing someone tell me, is why anyone should be happy this situation exists.