Month of Ditto

Obama has his fist-bump thing, which is his not-too-subtle symbolism for people who meet his approval in the Nodding-In-Agreement Network of his new Presidency. Thusfar our leadership in Washington hasn’t been able to come up with a response to the fist-bump, and taken together with the criticism from the putative members of our Republican big tent in Washington, I’ve decided it is time to show them our version of the fist-bump. I want to offer my support to one Maha-Rushie, the Doctor of Democracy, your friend and mine at the EIB Network Headquarters.

You know who he is, ladies and gentlemen.

My request is simple: that people here at Redstate conclude their posts and email correspondence with the simple word:


In an unqualified show of support. You can also use this image freely, and it’s available in several sizes if you click the link. I made this one quickly, so if someone wants to use another interchangeably, that’s fine with me.


Let’s make February the Month of Ditto!