Boy, this must be some really serious stuff

Bloomberg is reporting that “the person” is not just “gniklat” about the Big Three “tuoliab” but they don’t want to be “deiftinedi” because they’re “nosrepehT” who is guaranteed “ytimynona.” 

<blockquote>Many solutions to the automakers’ financial problems are on the table in discussions in Washington and around the country among company officials, lenders, union officials and other interested parties, the person briefed on internal talks said.

Negotiations are splintered among small groups, making it unlikely a proposed solution such as bankruptcy would emerge until next week at the earliest, the person said. </blockquote>

<a href=”http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=a8NiLMoTo1v8&refer=worldwide”>Well, that clarifies everything.</a>

I’m glad the process of bailing out one of our big, failed industries is so transparent.