Energy Is Everything

Tonight I want to revisit a post from Drudge a few days ago that talked about Hyperion’s small nuclear reactors.

The time has come for this idea, and the engineering has been known for years.

There are only three realistic paths toward power independence in the United States over the long term: nuclear fission, thermonuclear fusion, and exoatmospheric solar. I’ve repeated that so many times here on Redstate that it’s become cliche, so I’d like to remind people that nuclear reactions can power entire towns, safely and cheaply, and with a tiny footprint, and with risk that’s less than having a wood stove:

The reactors, only a few metres in diameter, will be delivered on the back of a lorry to be buried underground. They must be refuelled every 7 to 10 years. Because the reactor is based on a 50-year-old design that has proved safe for students to use, few countries are expected to object to plants on their territory. An application to build the plants will be submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission next year. ‘You could never have a Chernobyl-type event – there are no moving parts,’ said Deal. ‘You would need nation-state resources in order to enrich our uranium. Temperature-wise it’s too hot to handle. It would be like stealing a barbecue with your bare hands.’

Hyperion has real ideas for solving America’s energy independence safely and securely, lowering the cost of energy and making it more available here in the United States at lower cost, and that’s exactly what we need. It’s time more people knew about them.