Russian Communists ? Barack Obama

To follow up on the post about the ultra-nationalist cryptofascist Russians, it’s not just the far-right in Russia who are talking about the Obama administration. I daresay, however, that the view from the Russian far-left is rosier: they view Obama not as presaging the destruction of America, but as a rebirth that could accrue to their benefit. Hope and Change, and all that.

From the Pravda:

The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Gennady Zyuganov, welcomed Barack Obama’s victory. “His election is the choice of the younger, and the modern America which has been totally disappointed in the politics of George W. Bush. The Americans will not forgive the Republicans the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Zyuganov told Interfax Wednesday. “Obama does not have answers to many vital questions yet, although he stated in many of his speeches that he would change the previous political course, which is highly important. All Republican presidents have always defended national interests, ignoring the interests of other countries of the world. The new US president cannot but understand that it is impossible to seek and find answers to many global issues without the participation of such a great country as Russia,” the leader of Russian communists said.

Well, according to important observers in the former Soviet Union, I guess our choice now boils down to being destroyed from within or being embraced by the Communists. I guess it’s good to see that Russians across the ideological spectrum haven’t lost their timeless sense of humor. What the world needs now is love!