U.C. Berkeley Researchers Blab About Barack's Stealth Coating

[Update: Warning. Parody? The related story is that Barack Obama is going on vacation… (all humor attributable to Drudge).]

Here it is, from the Times in Britain:

U.C. Berkeley researchers have blabbed to the press about their proprietary light-bending coatings, invented by a team led by Xiang Zhang, that should allow for the complete invisibility of human beings and cloaking them as well as their machines behind layers of nanotechnologically-engineered materials, rendering them invisible to the eye:

Xiang Zhang, the leader of the researchers, said: β€œIn the case of invisibility cloaks or shields, the material would need to curve light waves completely around the object like a river flowing around a rock.” An observer looking at the cloaked object would then see light from behind it – making it seem to disappear.

Since David Axelrod knows that Barack Obama’s appearance is a post-ideological, meta-political statement, we should all wonder about whether or not Barack is really the first field test of this technology — on an American politician. He’s certainly the recipient of enough funding, and frankly he whupped Hillary+Bill Clinton, and that takes some kind of technology at least two generations ahead of what they were fielding.

Cloak Engaged!