Proud to be a Republican

I’ve been reading Ben’s dispatches from the Capitol and it’s about time to say it: today has made me prouder to be a member of the Republican Party than any day I can think of in recent memory, which for me is about the past 6 years.

When Nancy Pelosi shut out the lights and turned off the microphones on Congress, she made an unequivocal statement about who she was listening to in this country when it came to their very important concerns — certainly not the majority of Americans — the special interests, the anti-Capitalists, and the interests who don’t care if businesses fail, households suffer, and America loses its way.

Republicans on Capitol Hill tonight are making an unequivocal statement that they’ll stand and fight, forego their easy vacations, and make sure the House of Representatives is more concerned about the daily needs of Americans than it is about the kooks, the doomsayers, the ne’er do-wells, and the rest of the Democrats, and this is one of the finest hours they’ve had as a Party in the past several years.

All of us have been waiting for Republicans on Capitol Hill to finally locate their spines and begin standing up for America and the principles that make us strong. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time they’ll do something like this. Let this spirit continue through the election and into the next Congress, on every issue of importance.

I know I’m behind them 110% in this effort and I want them to continue to show this kind of resolve on every matter of importance this country faces, now and in the future. Now is not the time for cowardice (and in the recent past I think Republicans have shown it): it’s time to make a stand, and the Republicans are beginning that process today.

If you’re not willing to fight, you’ll never care about what you stand to lose. It’s about time we showed some fight and stuck to it. America doesn’t need cheap oil shipped here by a Communist with the help of a Kennedy: it needs to start exploring its own resources and cut the crap.

Pardon my French.