Support the 2nd -- Download the NRA Toolbar

Just a short blog entry today to encourage people who are gun owners, prospective gun owners, or 2nd Amendment supporters — whether or not they own a gun or intend to — to go ahead and replace their Google Toolbar with the NRA toolbar (which uses Yahoo! search.)

From the NRA-ILA, here’s the download page:

The NRA-ILA Toolbar allows you to stay connected to NRA-ILA and raise valuable contributions, without spending a dime! As you use the toolbar to search and shop, you will raise funds that go directly to NRA-ILA. You will be able to track your donations in real time, and watch as your donations grow! From the NRA-ILA Toolbar you will receive updated messages directly from NRA-ILA, keeping you up to date with breaking NRA news.

It’s Mac OSX, Firefox and IE friendly, and it works. Download it here with confidence — it does not remove any other toolbars in your browser.

One nice thing about having the toolbar on your system is that you’ll have the NRA logo in the upper-left hand corner of your screen whenever you launch the browser, and even if you don’t want to make an overt statement about your 2nd Amendment rights and concerns, having it there makes it unequivocal whenever you use the internet. I enjoy having it there in my browser, showing my support for the NRA whenever I browse.

Of course there are other benefits to NRA membership and I always encourage people to join, regardless of their firearm ownership. They should join because the NRA is the single most competent and comprehensive organization in our country protecting their 2nd Amendment liberties and their right to own a firearm if they so choose.

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