Arizona Redistricting in Trouble: HELP! Updated 7/3 Courtesy of Ruth McClung

As everyone politically up to date is fully aware, states are in the process of redistricting following the results of the 2010 census.  Where and how the lines are drawn are extremely important, especially in acurately representing the composition of the state’s voters.  For conservatives, who won the overwhelming number of statehouses and Governor’s mansions in the 2010 elections, this is the hot fudge sunday of political desserts where the swing to conservative Republican state level governance pays off for the next 10 years.

On this last Wednesday, in a closed meeting, Arizona’s ‘Independent Redistricting Commission’ made up of 2 Republicans, 2 Democrats, and 1 ‘Independent’, voted 3-2 to chose the Leftist/Progressive firm Strategic Telemetry (http://www.strategictelemetry.com/index.php?pid=6) to remap Arizona’s district lines.  This is unconscionable!  The president of Strategic Telemetry was the national target director of Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign.

The Sonoran Alliance’s article:  Arizona ‘Independent’ Redistricting Commission Picks Leftist Progressive Firm to Map Arizona Lines, tells the whole tale.  Once again, Charley Brown comes out the loser to another Lucy moment, as the Republican led House, Senate, and Governor stand by and allow the Democrat machine to hijack a GOP operation.

Should you be so inclined to assist the good folks of Arizona in contacting the various officials who might be responsive to a deluge of contact from very unhappy conservatives, please avail yourselves of the following information:

1.  Call Attorney General’s Office:  Tom Horne 520-628-6504 or 602-542-5025 and 800-352-8431.  http://www.azag.gov/contact.html, and demand and injunction be filed, as the majority Conservatives/Republicans/Independents are not being represented by this commission.

2. Contact Arizona State Legislators!

3.  Call the Governor’s office:  602-542-4331 or 800-253-0883.  Send her an email at http://www.azgovernor.gov/contact.asp

4.  If you are in state, or just passing through, or know someone who is in state, attend the meetings:  http://www.azredistricting.org/meeting-info/default.asp.  You can subscribe at the website for the meeting information, to get the maximum number of voting folks out to them so they know we are watching every move they make.

5.  Demand transparency from Strategic Telemetry.  Demand that they open an Arizona office, instead of doing all their work from NY and DC.

6.  Confront Collen Mathis publically and on the record.  We need to document clearly that she is not fairly representing the majority of the state.

7.  Contact every member of the media you possibly can!  Force them to cover this outrage and informing the public of the bias in the ‘Independent’ Redistricting Commission.  Point out how frequently the Commission goes into Executive Session to avoid transparency, which was one of the original stated goals in forming the IRC!

Get the word out far and wide, and keep watching your own state process with an eagle’s eye out for such Democrat machine corruption and Republican ‘fairness and sharing’ with the losers!  Remember, “WE WON”, now take it like a man!  And, please, show the other side how statesmen and genteel folks handle their pitchforks and essays.

Thank you RedState community for your help in publicising this travesty of voter betrayal.

Updated:  From an email sent out by Ruth McClung:  My apologies, as I couldn’t figure out how to link to an email, so I made it into a Word document I could get into this format.  The following is Ruth’s content.

How to take action and new info on Liberals Redistricting AZ

The responses I have received after sending out a copy of my press release to you have been overwhelming.  Thank you all for contacting me and asking what you can do to help.  Since the press release I have found out some additional information that I would like to share as well as give you a process in which your voices may be heard loud and clear.

New information:

Strategic Telemetry and Ken Strasma as you know have been linked to several democratic campaigns.  The new information we have found is Mr. Strasma’s involvement directly with the DNC.  (Democratic National Committee).  Mr. Strasma has been very involved with NECE (National Committee for an Effective Congress) .  As stated directly on their web site:  an organization that would pool the resources of small contributors from across the country and spend those funds in the most efficient way to elect progressive candidates to the U.S. Senate and House.

NCEC also talks specifically about Arizona on their web page:  Indicating that our 2010 Census data could “alter democratic presidential strategy”. 

As stated in the Democratic Underground, you can find Mr. Strasma listed on this web page, identified as a trainer from NCEC for a Democrat training group. 

In addition to these things being uncovered, it was brought to our notice that the contract for this company has not yet been written or signed. In fact, the Arizona State Procurement Office has bowed out of working with the contracting of this company and so the Executive Director, Ray Bladine, has to write the contract himself. 

It was also brought to my attention that the chairman of the redistricting commission has a conflict of interest that she did not disclose.  Her husband was the Treasurer for Nancy Young Wright, who was an incumbent in LD26 until she was ousted by voters last election cycle. 

According to Article 4 of the Arizona State Constitution, Colleen Mathis needs to be removed as chairman of our Independent Redistricting Commission for Gross Misconduct, Neglect of Duty and Conflict of Interest.  Her vote was the deciding vote in bringing in the Liberals to Map the Congressional Districts here in Arizona.

There are two Republicans that sit on the redistricting commission that have been fighting this.  Thank you to both of them and please keep up the good fight for the people of Arizona.  I am sure I am not alone when I say NO party affiliation when it comes to mapping is acceptable in this State.  Republican or Democrat. 

What you can do:

Attend the meetings and speak.  If you cannot attend a meeting, pass the word around to someone who can.  Contact groups to alert them when the meetings are.  There were about 100 people present at the last meeting in Tucson; we need the same show of solidarity at all the meetings.  As many as possible.

Here is the link for the Redistricting Web site and meeting notice lists.  You have to sign up to receive emails.  Please note that they often change meeting times, dates and locations, since they set things as “tentative”. 


For those of you who cannot attend a meeting, we must start contacting our elected officials every day through phone calls and in writing demanding that an injunction be put against this as well as the removal of the Chairman for the reasons stated above.

Here is a list of contact information for you:

Governor Jan Brewer: http://www.governor.state.az.us/contact.asp

Attorney General Tom Horn:  http://www.azag.gov/contact.html

Contact our House Representative:  http://www.azleg.gov/MemberRoster.asp?Body=S&SortBy=1

I am so proud to be standing with all of you against those who would take away our liberties!                                               

 Happy 4th of July!


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