Maricopa County Lincoln Day Luncheon

I promised to post an update when I had some news from the PC front.  This is the next installment of my odessy becoming a representative to the local Republican Party.  Our apparently annual event, the Lincoln Day Luncheon, took place today for Maricopa County AZ.  Many of our elected officials were represented from various levels, Congresscritters through school board members, and Sheriff Joe and his wife.  A small number of awards were given out to members who had been identified for their significant and long standing efforts to facilitate growth in the local, county, and state party levels.  One of these, if I don’t mistake, went to prolific and distinguished RedStater ColdWarrior, for his unceasing efforts to swell the ranks of PC and contribute to the information we all now have access to in becoming a PC.  (Of course, that moniker isn’t how they know him; if my deduction is in error on that count, I apologize most profusely.)

From a videotaped message to the Maricopa Republican Party directly from Michelle Bachmann, through speakers Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Representative Schweikert, and Representative Franks, everyone had an opportunity to hear some of the folks who were propelled into office in the conservative wave that swept in 2010.  Conservative members of TeaParty groups were well represented among the luncheon attendees and PC ranks. 

Some officials, like Sheriff Joe, are up for re-election and need every dollar and minutes’ help they can muster.  Others, like David Schweikert, are just new on the job, and finding that the Washington swamp really stinks!  Not that that stops any of them from giving the job their best.

Well, party’s over for today, back to the work in our neighborhoods and communities!  Go PC’s!