On the Road to PC (Precinct Committeeman)

Perhaps this should be just a simple posting, rather than a diary, but I did want to promote the ongoing volunteerism of becoming a PC, in this so-not-PC political climate we are facing.  I am following in the large and awesome footsteps of ColdWarrior and others who have been regular proponents of becoming a Precinct Committeeman.  I filled out and turned in my application this evening in LD-4 in Maricopa County, AZ, to become a PC for my area.  It will take about 30 days to wend its way through the system, shepherded by the leader of my district, and then I will be a newly minted PC.  I found out at tonights’ meeting of the LD-4 folks, that we have a huge 705 slots for PCs and only about 250 filled, here in this very voter populated district.  We have so much to do!  Many precincts apparently have no PCs at all, in an area which includes Sun City, Surprise, Peoria, parts of Glendale, out to Wickenburg, and small towns all around this Northwest greater Phoenix area.  Pray that leaders rise up to fill the open positions, so we can effect change in the Arizona landscape, and put old senile draft horses like John McCain to rest and pasture, with vital new blood to fight on for real conservative values.