On Elitism, Tea Parties, 2012 Wannabees, and a Sea Change

Perhaps this is a bit early, and to those who wish to stay focused only on the coming conflict, I intend no stumbling block 8 days out.  However, I do believe this is germane to the ongoing saga of the mighty shift in American politics for the next years’ time.  It speaks to the endurance of the people, those who have given in every way they can, and are weary of the toil, just hoping for a good night’s sleep as soon as the harvest is put up before they must begin the next phase of the struggle.  And, in the manner of turning the freighter, taking miles and miles for the effect of turning the rudder to actually be seen in the changing vector of the ship, even though this historic election serves as turning the rudder, we will be hard pressed to soon see the directional alteration for which we have all been working.

I noted a post at HotAir today which I found particularly indicative of this elongated period of directional alteration, telling us all what we really have hoped wouldn’t be necessary, but just like many posts to the point here on RedState, will find impossible to avoid.  The inbred elitists of the country club Republican Party are moving quietly behind the scenes to thwart the will of the people and manoeuvre into position the heavy donorship to the party, in order to tie up the monetary commitments necessary (so they think) that will guarantee them the nomination in 2012 to the seat of the Big House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Via AllahPundit at http://hotair.com/archives/2010/10/24/quotes-of-the-day-492/:

“As the 2010 campaign draws to its raucous close, the Republican Party’s biggest donors are slowly beginning to choose sides, with some still looking for a strong alternative to a populist conservative movement that makes them uneasy.

“The big New York, Texas, California and Florida donors who traditionally play a key role in choosing the GOP nominee lined up behind George W. Bush in 2000 and, largely, John McCain in 2008.

“This year’s early favorite appears to be Mitt Romney, donor sources confirmed to POLITICO, who has already lined up quiet commitments from more than a dozen top names, among them billionaire David Koch and his wife, Julia, financier and former Goldman Sachs partner Lewis Eisenberg, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson and Ogilvy Government Relations Chairman Wayne Berman…

“‘Most long-standing donors are worried about a candidate, or multiple candidates, coming forward who are too extreme,’ said a major Republican donor with long ties to the party. ‘You’ve got a lot of people that don’t want to support the tea party movement.’”  *(underlining and italics mine)

It is going to take all of us, one small donor at a time, one day answering phones and making calls, one Precinct Committeeman slot filled with the conservative volunteer, one person walking their own neighborhood and knocking on doors, to muster up the groundswell of support and determination that it will take to march straight on through to November of 2012.  We have just made the first sustained skirmish in the much longer war; take a quick breath, get that good night’s sleep, and then it’s on to take the next hilltop, the next valley, cross the next river, until we have restored our America from sea to shining sea!