Here Comes the Health Plan Cuts for 2011

Well, here it comes, folks.  We are well into the season in which companies roll out the changes in the next year’s health insurance options.

A little late, as the HR folks on my call today acknowledged, but they are ‘dealing with such a huge volume of new regulation and cost changes’ that they have had a huge team (read all of the legal and accounting departments) pouring over the new rules for months.  It will entail some *reductions in coverage* and changes to our plans for fiscal year 2011, but they have done the *best they can do to cover the largest number of their employees for the best possible cost* and meet the new requirements.  They have not only tried to meet the costs and requirements of plan year 2011, but project what will work best into the next few years to cause the least disruption for their business.

We were informed that it would be up to us, the front line managers, to present the new plan changes in the *best possible* context–i.e. read the subtext:  Be happy you still have company sponsored and partially paid health insurance even if you are going to be cut in services and taxed on the amount we pay for you in addition to the part that is directly withdrawn from you paycheck!  Buried in the subtext is the fact that we are going to be paying more and taxed more, and getting less, and we have to smile and sell it to our staffs!  And, by the way, thanks Obama and the Congress for screwing us over, for all you saps that thought you were voting for better healthcare.

So, here it starts……