In Memoriam......to a Job Not Taken

I just received my mail-in ballot and have been pouring over it with my parents as we decide how we want to vote for the slate of offerings in our sector of the liberal badlands of Arizona known as Tucson.  We debate and discuss, and for the very most part, agree on the details as we come to grips with the choices we have before us.

We will hold our collective noses and vote for McCain the Repugnant (I know, not to knock the primary winner in the general, but come on, Rodney? Not happening)  Of course, Jan Brewer, who may not have exactly the conservative cred that I would love to see at the helm in Arizona, but I like her stance on immigration and taking on the ‘O’ and the Injustice Dept. so she gets our votes.

The next slot is a real bright spot for us, in the rather bland sea of choices offered for consumption, a star in her own right, Ruth McClung.  Go Ruth!  She really shouldn’t be allowed to debate poor Raul without one hand and half her brain tied behind her back, he looks so bad next to her!  Just think; a real live rocket scientist in Washington!  Just what we have needed for so long, someone who really does appreciate the effort it takes to lauch something into space, instead of into the hopefully good wishes of the infidels on the Sinai penninsula as our current embarrassment at NASA seems fixated on doing.

The unfortunate memoriam I referenced in my title goes to the State Senate slot for District 27, where apparently the ineffective local  GOP party and MIA precinct committeemen couldn’t find a Republican or Conservative to run against the very liberal and entitled beneficiary of primogeniture moving over from ‘her’ seat in the House to one in the Senate.  I absolutely can’t believe that they couldn’t find even ONE qualified person who was willing to tilt at windmills, or who had the vision to give her a run for her ‘Democrat’ money.  So, we don’t have a choice for whom to vote for the opening, and since we don’t want to give our local Registrar the opportunity to disqualify our ballots, we don’t even dare write someone in for the slot.  Better not to check the box, and live with the loss…..

Two State Representative slots are open, and the 5 choices include 2 D’s, 1 R, 1 Green, and 1 weird party that I don’t recognize.  The R is Robert Compton; at least the Green is a local and highly respected long time businessman here in Tucson, so better than the other three.

Then, down ticket republicans, are Sec of State candidate Ken Bennett, Attorney General candidate Tom Horne, State Treasurer candidate Doug Ducey, State Mine Inspector candidate Joe Hart, two Corporation Commissioner candidates Gary Pierce and Brenda Burns, and finally to the Governing Board of the TUSD.

Here is where we can trim a sucker off the parent plant of political primogeniture in southern Arizona.  By voting for the most conservative of the field, Michael Hicks and Armand Salese, we have the opportunity to send the daughter of Raul ‘Boycott Arizona’ Grijalva back to the family compound.  She has been incumbent since 2003 and has been very vocal and active in promoting the ‘cultural studies’ and ‘La Raza‘ programs corrupting the youth with more Central and South American ties into cultural ghettos for the Democrats’ and Left’s exploitation.  Clean house here, Tucson!

We are voting ‘no’ on all the incumbent judges to send a message, whether or not they totally deserve it.  By not taking a stand for the rule of law and the Constitution they have doomed themselves to the level of rubber stamp for the corrupt and lazy lot who currently are running the City into the ground.  Let’s get some who stand out for their shining example, instead of this wishy-washy left squish.

And, finally, in tribute to CW and VB, this is only the first shot across the bow; lay in the ammo, stock the galley, load the cannons, and let’s storm the local precinct to take it back by filling the empty seats with concerned and motivated conservative PC’s!  Go Team!  Let’s keep the Gadsden Purchase and not let it become Aztlan for real!