Is Anyone Awake in Arizona?

Okay, how many of y’all caught John McCain on Sean Hannity’s show this evening?  Anyone?  Anyone?  The words of the segment were “Terrible”, “Awful”, to everything that Sean asked John.

Do you think the leaking and release of the 90,000+ military secrets should be labeled treason?, asked Sean.  All McCain was missing as he intoned “Terrible….Awful” was the hand-wringing that went with his facial expression and tone of voice.

Do you think the President’s handling of the war in Afganistan is flawed and puts our allies at risk? continued Sean in his friendly manner.  “Terrible…..Awful” intoned McCain as he talked all around the topic without ever addressing the question.

And on it went….I was saying “Terrible…..Awful” before McCain could even get the words out, as Sean asked question after question, raised topic after topic, and never got a single answer relating to any of his questions.

People of Arizona, wake up!  If John McCain had any relevance, he certainly does not have any left now if all he can do is wring his hands and intone “Terrible…..Awful” to every major problem we are facing in this country.  He is so fixated on not offending his Progressive friends and staying in the IN group with the RINOs and Country Clubbers, that he can’t give a “straight talk” answer to anything anymore.  Just once, John, give a real straight answer to a real straight question:  Why, oh why, should we send such a pantywaiste back to represent this state in the Senate?  We need someone to man up to the problems of this state and this time in history, and it isn’t John McCain.

P.S.  For everyone who is subscribing to the McCain has it in the bag and JD is nothing but a loser camp, I hope McCain makes y’all puke up the lukewarm pablum he feeds you for the next 6 years while he empties your wallets and steals your liberties; I would take a burnt steak and some feet in the mouth from JD over that any day!  At least we’ll know where he stands on issues, and have the pleasure of yelling at him if we need; McCain just runs from the great unwashed public to eat with the tax collectors.