Why is John McCain Spending so Much Campaign Cash?

For some reason, many here at Red State and elsewhere seem to feel that JD Hayworth’s challenge to John McCain is a lost cause, and are determined to jump on McCain’s bandwagon while simultaneously disregarding his penchant for turning on the very folks who support him.  Their reasoning leaves me significantly puzzeled, but they are welcome to their opinions.  I am curious about other considerations than why someone would not want to replace McCain…..

John McCain, on the other hand, seemed to annoint JD Hayworth a worthy opponent even before JD made the official announcement that he would be running against McCain.  John preemtively started ads attacking JD before he was even an official candidate, and has spent more cash pounding the airwaves on a ‘less than stellar’ (to quote JD’s opposition) candidate than makes any earthly sense.

McCain looks like the boxer, who when he has his opponent (supposedly) on the ropes, redoubles his efforts to turn the face into unrecognizeable hamburger.  Doesn’t this seem over the top to anyone else?  I could understand a race that the pundits were calling as ‘close’, but not one where seemingly everything is over but the shouting (again quoting the JD opposition)….

Call me paranoid, but when the action is too lopsided, when it appears to be overkill, I start looking for a secondary purpose.  Either John McCain’s camp sees something that the pundits don’t see, or there is a hidden purpose for keeping up the brutal degree of pressure.  What does John McCain have to hide that necessitates his continued pounding barrage to keep the Hayworth campaign engaged in defense rather than going on offense?

What makes such extravagant expenditures necessary for the McCain camp?  What is hiding in the closet waiting for someone to just open that door, that they need to keep our attention away?  As someone famously said, “Follow the money”.  What business deals, what contracts for minerals, land, etc, what little tag-ons in legislation, what payments, what ethical issues, what exactly is causing John McCain to pour this kind of resource into a battle with someone who ‘doesn’t matter’, in a primary in a generally Republican state?  Disproportionite response is a red flag if ever there was one.  Call me cynical, silly, whatever you like, but if anyone has the ability to follow the threads, engage in some patriotic recon, maybe it would be better done before the primary election than after? 

I think, for the future of our country and the state of Arizona, that it would be better to unseat McCain and then to have 6 years to find an alternate to JD if necessary, than it will be to send McCain the wrecking ball back to the Senate to continue his 30 year history there, and to do whatever it is that he is attempting to distract us from seeing.