Ground Zero Mosque Not a Religious Issue

It is unfortunate that Steve Chapman posted his disingenuous-Sarah-Palin-bashing piece disguised as a treatise on religious freedom over at Townhall.com today.  He uses the straw man argument of” Muslim neighborhood gets offended at evangelical chapel (read Christian church) being proposed in their midst”, to poke at Sarah Palin’s tweet for withdrawal of the Muslim-proposed mosque at Ground Zero.

He expects us to blatantly disregard several well known and self proclaimed points made by the extremist Muslims themselves.  First, they believe that such a mosque is a monument to their religious success in destroying some of the infidels, and say so in their own writings and speeches.  Are we not to believe their own words?

Secondly, he ignores the evidence of who exactly is financing the mosque–the very companions in arms and jihad of the ones who attacked the Towers on 9/11.  Are we to believe this is just a coincidence?

Thirdly, where are the so called moderate Muslims who would be attending this mosque?  Are we just missing the bustling Muslim neighborhood (to borrow Chapman’s story) surrounding the Twin Towers for whom this would be their local mosque, walking peacefully to Friday services?

Fourthly, the events of 9/11 touched and impacted the entire country, who pulled together, lost folks from all over America, sent teams in to help with the searching and eventual excavation, and wasn’t in any way just a local happening.  Why should just a few locals who wouldn’t mind some sugar on top of the trap be the only ones to have any say over whether or not the mosque combined with public facilities goes ahead?  The local board politicians would accept money from the Devil if it would make them look good to their constituency and it didn’t cost them any cash out of pocket.  Of course the Mosque planners knew just how to sweeten the pot and buy the local board.

The next big lie Chapman repeats, that the “only objection to the Islamic center is that it is Islamic”, again leaves out the major sticking point of the debate.  The jihadists, who are Islamic, are the only ones currently targeting, killing, planning attacks, and fighting our troops overseas.  There aren’t any Christian jihadists currently killing indiscriminately around the world like the Islamic jihadists.  Christians don’t go around building monuments to their killing sprees on the grounds of their attacks as the jihadist Muslims do; and so called moderate Muslims don’t boycott these monuments or decry their brethren’s attacks.  The Jews don’t pull down the mosque built on the site of the Temple of Solomon (another case of monument built on the site of conquest).  Only the Muslims are known for deliberately building places of worship and gathering on the sites that are holy to other religions.

Chapman further slanders conservatives by saying they don’t believe that anything Muslim has a place there.  Au contraire; a truthful accounting of the 19 Muslim hijackers and their stories, countries of origin, and the financing groups would forever be a reminder to all who visit the site of the real source of such destruction, and a warning to future generations of the cost of ignoring warning signs for years in blissful ignorance.  Watch and pray, keep alert on the ramparts, and don’t let the enemy lull us into complacency!  He further tries to separate the hijackers and jihadists from the mosque builders, as if they are not related in any way.  This further demonstrates his complete self delusion to the connections between the Saudis and the money that is financing the mosque, and the Saudis and the financing of the 19 hijackers that 9/11/01.

By framing the argument as a purely freedom of religious practice question Chapman misses the basic problem; this isn’t an attempt by patriots to stop practice of Islam in New York, nor is it a ban on mosques, nor is it government interference in religion.  This is a matter of believing that Islamic jihadists mean what they say, and they say that building on the site of their “successes” is a monument to the world to see that theirs is the one religion, and they will take over the world.  A mosque anywhere else in New York City would not carry that message, so let them build anywhere else.  I predict that they wouldn’t trade this site of their monument to destruction for any other site offered in New York, and would prove their kinship with the militant jihadist minority of their religion in so doing.

It is just too bad that Steve Chapman and others like him want to see this as just a prejudicial mark against evangelical Christians or an issue of free exercise of religion, instead of the shining beacon to the Muslim world that the jihadis intend!