Say What?

No doubt that, by now, most of you have read Rick Santorum’s statement which suggests that, if Mitt Romney were the nominee, a conservative might as well just allow Obama another four years.  I like Rick Santorum.  I even voted for him when I lived in Pennsylvania.  That said, with that statement, I believe he is officially done as a presidential candidate and, I believe, as a leader in the conservative movement.

To understand my dismay with this comment is to understand the seminal battle that lie ahead in November.  Every four years, we hear about how this is the most important election of our lifetimes.  Usually, its just hyperbole.  However, we have seen what three and a half years of Obama has wrought upon this nation.  It is my sincere belief that our nation, ravaged by debt, slow revocation of individual sovereignty and a disasterous economy, simply cannot survive another four years being led by a President who has such a profoundly obvious disdain for the United States.  Quite simply, Barack Obama must not be re-elected President of the United States.

This battle will not be easy.  This President will have $1 billion dollars, the vast majority of the media, higher education, big labor, big environment, big civil rights, big abortion and big crony capitalism on his side, attempting to steal what could be America’s last truly free election.  The only hope we have is to unite as a movement to defeat this man, his party and his entire political philosopy, which rewards the lazy with the fruits of the industrious’ labor.  Rick Santorum has, in effect, cut the most effective political campaign in the history of politics.  All team Chicago has to do is run that statement on a loop.  No Music, weird lighting or creepy voice over will be necessary.  This statement from Santorum is a tremendous blow to what we all know must happen…the defeat of Barack Obama.

This essay is not an endorsement of Mitt Romney.  While I like and respect Mitt Romney and will gladly pull the lever for him, I do have problems with him.  I believe that he is too quick to demean his own success.  I believe that he is too quick to compromise his principles for the expedient.  Not to mention Romneycare.  But, the reality is that Mitt Romney will be the nominee of the Republican Party.  While he is not the perfect standard bearer for our party, he is not a Marxist and that’s enough for me.

I understand that many of my fellow Red State travelers cannot stomach the thought of having to back Romney.  To those folks, whose opinions I understand and respect, I would say that as much as you dislike Romney, think what another 4 years of Obama will do to the country.  With another four years, Obamacare will be institutionalized and, therefore, unrepealable.  The transfer of wealth from the workers to the non-workers will be complete and we will fall back to the rest of the pack, which is the apparent goal of Obama…to abdicate our position as the indispensible nation, putting us on equal footing with nations in Europe.  Romney may be many things, but he is not this and, again, given the alternative that’s good enough for me.

If you still cannot stomach the thought of campaigning for Romney, I would suggest getting behind the most conservative person in your locality and supporting that person for Congress and the Senate.  For example, in my district, I recently learned that Anna Little will be taking another stab at defeating Pelosi’s favorite yes man, Frank Pallone.  I will put a Romney lawn sign up and I will donate money to the national committee, but I will go door to door, stuff envelopes and make calls  for Anna.  Because I know that the more conservatives we elect to Congress and the Senate, the more rightward we can push Romney.  It is our best hope.

So, in closing, again I say I like Rick Santorum.  He has been a true conservative warrior for years.  But by suggesting that Obama is a better choice than Romney, you have disqualified yourself from any further consideration as our nominee.