And So It Begins...


Finally, we get to start selecting our nominee, tonight in Iowa.  All of the pundits have had their say.  Now, however, the most important part of the political process gets to have their say:  The Voters. 

To those in Iowa who peruse this site, I say good luck tonight and thank you.  Thank you for caring enough about your country to come out on a cold, January evening to express your views and your choice in the most effective way you can…by voting.

As to the candidates themselves, they all have strengths and weaknesses.  Some, obviously, are more glaring than others.  None of them are in the same ballpark as Reagan or, for that matter, even George W. Bush.  That said, with the exception of Ron Paul, they are all dramatically better than Barack Obama.

Again, to the voters of Iowa, I say good luck to you tonight and thank you.