Qaddafi's Dead and I am Glad

I’d like to take this moment to express my joy that the murderous, dictator thug Qaddafi has been shot in the face.  As awful as the pic was to view while eating lunch (a Subway meatball sub, no less), I rather enjoyed the pic of one of the world’s most brutal, evil men becoming worm feast.

That said, I will NOT be one of those who gives credit to Obama, as he was as useful to this exercise as he was to the BP Oil Spill.  Sure, he talked a good game.  It’s real easy to talk a good game while leading from behind.  The fact is that this is more Bush’s victory than it ever will be Obama’s.  Here’s why:

After the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of another murderous, dictator thug, Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi voluntarily gave up his nuclear/chemical/biological arsenal as he was smart enough to read the handwriting on the wall and figured that he was next on the list.  Had Bush not decided that Hussein needed to go (a decision which, at the time, Secretary of State Clinton and VP Biden agreed with), Qaddafi would likely have had enough nuclear/chemical/biological weapons to stave off the revolution that resulted in his head becoming air conditioned.  So, while Obama risks tearing his rotator cuff patting himself on the back, I hope that a ridiculously underappreciated ex-President is sitting in Dallas feeling vindicated.  This is his victory, period.

As an aside, since Obama is friends with both Rev. Wright and Farrakhan and Wright and Farrakhan were BFF’s with Qaddafi, I wonder if Michelle stopped by the Hallmark aisle at Target to get a “Sorry to hear about your dead evil terrorist dictator friend” sympathy card?  Does Hallmark even make a card for that?